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NERF battles have been fought around dining room tables and backyards since they first came out. It's time to take these friendly skirmishes and blow them up into full on NERF WARS!

Become the NERF A-Team with Dart Warriors!

YOU SUPPLY THE WARRIORS AND WE SUPPLY THE REST! Our team brings everything to your location for your all-out NERF WAR. Whether it's in your backyard or in an open field, we setup boundaries, obstacles and even bring the AMMO! There's nothing for you to do so you might as well grab a gun and join the fun.

Perfect For
Birthday Parties

Summer Camps


Indoor Sports Centers
Corporate Team Building
Township Rec Departments
Family Fun Nights

Game Modes Include;
Capture the Flag
Humans VS Zombies
Team Death-Match
VIP Escort
Ball Blitz

And Don't Forget to Check out all the Other Battlefield Options Dart Warriors Offers Including Water WarriorsThe Gauntlet and More!

CINNAMINSON – The teenage boys hid behind inflatable bunkers, two of them looked like tanks.

They ran towards one another with their Nerf guns drawn on the “battlefield”, with the objective being to shoot one another and force the wounded to the sideline for a few minutes, giving them more time to collect balls and get them back to their side.
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Nerf battle pits Riverside first responders against local youths

RIVERSIDE - Police officers and firefighters in Riverside got involved in a friendly Nerf battle with local kids Friday evening as part "Guns and Hoses Nerf Wars," held at Bob Kenney Field on Hooker Street. The gear and obstacles were provided by Nerf-Wars.com, which is run by 17-year-old Austin Dasher, of Delanco. 
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Nerf Wars
Nerf Birthday
Nerf Birthday
Nerf Birthday

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