Upgrade Your Dart War

Take Your Dart War to the Next Level with one of our Party Package UPGRADES!

Let us know what upgrades you'd like to add when you book your Dart War!

Bigger is Better!

For those who want a truly EPIC Nerf War, we have the upgrade for you! More bunkers, more space, more Dart Warriors!

The Battle Maze

Twists and turns with action around every corner! Featuring special game modes and rules for your Dart Warriors to take on!

The Duck Hunt Shooting Gallery

Test your blaster skill with our special Nerf shooting gallery! Whether its to prove whose the best or hone your skills, take on our custom firing range, featuring Duck Hunt inspired targets!

Battle Tank Bunkers

Roll onto the battlefield with our two, 10ft long tanks! These inflatable behemoths can be added to any Dart Warriors set-up to bring a whole new level of intimidation, and excitement, to your Nerf themed event.

Ask how to add these upgrades to your Nerf experience when booking an event with Dart Warriors!

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