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Water guns have been a summer time staple forever. It’s time to take these backyard battles to the next level. The Water Warriors Battle Maze adds twists and turns to your wet & wild party.
Water gun fights will never be the same.
You can use your own water guns or our fast-loading plunge pistols. We bring everything but the water and power to inflate our Battle Maze.
Additional battle bunkers can be added to increase the size of the playing field and the fun.
Featuring unique game modes like Castle Crashers, Protect the President, Battle Royale and more!

Perfect Party Awaits

When you book a WATER Warrior Party, you and your guests will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting activity at any location of your choice. Players and spectators alike will enjoy all of the action WATER Warriors has to offer.  We provide children and adults with amazing birthday parties, wonderful memories, and deeper friendships. Your guests will be talking about your party long after it ends.

WATER Warriors Party Package

Each party package includes delivery within our primary service area, the BATTLE Maze, goggles or safety glasses, use of our Plunge Pistols, liability insurance, and onsite attendants. Each participant can bring their own water guns or use ours but can only use one gun at a time on the field. Our mobile WATER Warriors party package start at $395 for 60 minutes for up to 20 players. This includes preparing your warriors for battle, going over the rules as well as game play. Each additional player is $10. Each additional 30 minutes is $150. Optional equipment and special event charges may apply. A 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking. Balance is due prior to the start of game play. Tanks and other battle bunkers can be added to your battle field for a nominal charge (this will allow more player to participate).

WATER Warriors Party Prep

The location of your WATER War is entirely up to you. Whether it's in your backyard, or park, the size should be about that of a basketball court. Our BATTLE Maze is 30' X 30' with additional room needed if other battle bunkers are added. The customer is responsible for locating and reserving the location or facility. The facility MUST have access to electricity and water. Any permissions, approvals or permits are the responsibility of the host that is booking the party. We arrive approximately 1 hour prior to the planned start time. The WATER Warriors crew will take care of setting up the playing field and making any changes needed to accommodate the different games. Every player must have a waiver form filled out by a parent or guardian BEFORE they can play. Click here

WATER Warriors Servicing Area

Our primary operating area is within 25 miles of Philadelphia. This includes but is not limited to southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and northern Delaware. Our extended service area is up to 50 miles from Philadelphia. Travel rates will apply for areas outside of our primary operating area.