Just because the sun goes down, doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Introducing Glow Warriors! Battle it out in intense, foam melee combat, enhanced with our own glow sabers. Take on your friends as you participate in several glow themed challenges such as Capture the Flag, Glowfection, and more!  

Arm Yourself With The Latest in Glow Warrior Technology
Team Up With Your Friends

Glow Warriors brings everything needed to create the ultimate Glow Battle experience!
Including the Glow Sabers (that you get to keep), Bunkers, Orbs, and illuminated boundary markers.
All you need to do is join in the action!

Become A Glow Warrior!
Battle Into the Night Armed with our
Glow Sabers

Glow Warriors is perfect for any night time event, from a birthday party to a neighborhood get-together. Prices start at $295 for a one hour, supervised, battle session with several different game objectives for the first 20 players. Additional players can be added for $10 each. Glow Warriors can also be added onto the last Dart Warrior event of the day to make it a Double Battle Royale! Keep the intensity of a Dart War going all night long by adding a Glow upgrade to your NERF Warriors Party Package for only $200.

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